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How To Plan a Celebrity Themed Party Like A Pro


1. Invitations to Celebrity Star

If you feel adventurous, you can design the party invitation as a director's clapboard. What you're going to need is a black poster board, a whiteout pen or a white paint and a brush, and metal paper fasteners Depending on the size you want the clapboard to be, cut out the shapes from black poster board, one that's closer to a square shape than a rectangular shape. Then, on one side of the strips, cut a hole and, with a circular loop, close the strip to the rest of the clapboard. With a whiteout or white paint, make it look like a true director's clapboard and write all the details you need.

Another great celebrity themed party idea for your Celebrity parties is to format and write invites as if they were a movie script. You can also write the party invites on paper and tape them to un-popped popcorn packets or buy popcorn boxes and write party info on them. When you give out invites, it will be very fun when you give out popcorn boxes packed with popcorn, and the invitation could be concealed in a little bag inside the popcorn. 

Another way you can make your party invites is to write all the details on real camera films. You can either use an old movie reel with images of something you wouldn't mind using as people will see, or you can just buy a cheap reel roll and cut it off. Cut a piece of the size of three or four of the images. And type all the details in such a way that it matches the length of each piece of film you cut. Once you've printed it out, cut it and add it to the film strips you've cut.

If you don't want to use actual videos, you can print out the Film Trip invitations. For these printable parties video-strip invites, you can either fold them in half and place them in an envelope or roll them up and put them in a little plastic film container with some glitter and confetti. Glue a tiny picture of your child on the exterior of the film frame. Such invitations would have to be hand-delivered.

You can decorate the invite with pictures of actors, movie stars, rock stars, etc. Just cut off magazines, use stickers, stamps, or something else that suits the theme. You can also lightly spray single the invitation with a little fragrance to give it a little more style. Another interesting celebrity look-alike party idea is to make the invitation look like a long red carpet. Only take a standard piece of red construction paper, split it into thirds, and make three separate invitations. Each invitation should be folded in half. Write all the details you need inside and out. 

2. Celebrity Star Decoration

The colors you chose for the theme of your Celebrity themed parties will change to match your likes. For a fun girly blend, for example, use pink, purple, or red shades combined with gold, black,or silver—select colors like blue, green, gold or silver, etc. for a more boyish look. For more of a Celebrity feel, the combination of red, black, and gold might match. Use balloons, streamers, table covers, etc. that match your theme colors. You can decorate with a variety of balloons that suit this theme,like a camera-shaped balloon, a star-shaped balloon, a popcorn-shaped balloon,a clapboard balloon, and more.  

Layout a good glamorous tablecloth, preferably black cloth or paper on the table. Cover it with a lot of golden stars. You can cut big golden stars out of cardboard and cover them with gold spray paint to use as place mats, or instead of spray painting them, you can cover them with aluminum foil if you choose silver as one of your colors themes. You can also find gold-like paper in craft stores and cut stars out of them. Hang these stars from the ceiling and place them all over the room.

For a glamorous feel, put a red carpet in the house that would lead to the party. If you do not have a red carpet, try to see if you can get a red paper roll. You may have rocks or sticks in the ground on both sides of the carpet, each containing gold, silver, and white helium-filled balloons. The guests would then walk up the red carpet and show their ticket to be allowed at the party. To get yourself and other party goers in the mood, get yourself dressed as glamorous celebrities. You may also opt to gear up as waitresses and waiters with an apron and have a butler in a suit ora tuxedo welcoming the children at the door with a VIP list to find out the
names of the guests.

If you like, you can also have a reporter asking each question, as well as some crazy people yelling for them and trying to contact them. Both of these together are going to be excitingly daunting, giving everyone attending the party a positive feeling and as much exposure as the stars can get. Upon arrival, you can give a sparkle of glitter to the guests to get them in the mood. Then you can get all sorts of spotlights flashing where the red carpet is mounted. If it's a night party, you can decorate the place with a lot of white Christmas lights all over the place to highlight the occasion.

Another unique thing you can do is fill the brown bags halfway with sand and place a little candle in each of them, then place them on both sides of the path to your house and around your yard. For more of an elegant, dreamy feel at your celebrity themed parties, you can float candles in large glass bowls and glasses of different sizes. You may add gemstones, shimmer, and decorative marbles to the water to make it shine. You may use ring pops for napkin holders. Celebrity-themed note-cards on the table tell where each individual will be seated. Learn the art of folding cloth napkins into flowers or swans to place on the plate of each guest. You can also give the guests a little bell to ring if they need something.

3. Costumes

At your Celebrity themed parties, you could have a box full of all sorts of dress-up clothes; including elegant gowns and tuxedos, feather boas, tiaras, big hats, Mardi Gras beads, all sorts of high boots, heels and shoes, fake fur accessories, rhinestone belts, sunglasses, bobby pins, party jewelry, etc. It would be great if you set up a make-up station with lights around the mirror, where the guys and girls can see themselves and dress up. Try to get a couple of long mirrors out for the girls to put on make-up, lipstick, body glitter, mascara. Let the guests guise as celebrity impersonators by trying on false eyelashes, fake moles, fake fingernails,various wigs, and so on.

4. Celebrity Star Icebreakers Events

The Legends of Hollywood

The guests can dip their hands in washable sidewalk paint and paint your sidewalk. If you don't want to have your side walk all painted, you can roll out a long piece of butcher paper on the pavement,draw a large star for each child, fill out their name, and let them put their hand print on the star by their name; this is a perfect keepsake for the party.Another brilliant party idea is to have their hand prints painted in the Plaster of Paris so that they can take home their hand print and have a better memory of the party. Make and mix the plaster of Paris according to the instructions given on the package and, once the plaster is finished, pour it into the mold.If it's a little thicker than the pancake batter consistency, let any guests press their hand for around 20 seconds and sign their signature with a marker.If the guests wish to, they can press tiny silk flowers, glitter, or some other kind of decoration they want to place on the plaster.

Celebrity-Struck Picture Frames

Whether you have a video camera or a Polaroid camera, take a snapshot of each child while they're all glam-up. Then give each child the black frame, some stars, the rhinestones, glitter, stickers, and the glue to decorate each frame. When they've done decorating, let them stick their photo to the inside of the frame. Have them autograph their image with a golden or silver-color marker. They will take the frame home with them as a memory of the party.

Rock n roll balls

Take foam balls, make an opening in them from top to bottom so that you can bring a string through and knot it on the bottom and hang it later. Then let the guests stick bits of a tiny mirror on it.

Autographs books 

You could give the children some autograph books. Children would want to decorate their books, so provide them with paints, glitter, markers, pencils, stickers, etc. on a table to design their autograph books. They then can go around and collect autographs from everyone at the party after decorating their autograph books.

5. Ideas for the Food to Be Served at Your Party

1.Jewel Salads is a salad with dried cranberries, golden raisins, cherries, etc.

2. Finger sandwiches with watercress, cucumber, cream cheese, peanut butter, and jelly, but sandwiches should be small and delicate, and you can cut them in various shapes with the help of cookie cutters. 

3.All kinds of bread and a plate of meat or cheese

4.Star Pizza bagels where you can just cut the cheese with a star-shaped cookie cutter.

5.Cracker and Cheese          

6.Fruits inside champagne glasses 

6. Ideas for the Drinks to Be Served At Your Party:

1.Banana-Butter Star Treat: to make this cocktail, cut two ripe bananas into pieces and put in a blender. Then put three cups of non-fat frozen yogurt and half a cup of peanut butter. Blend the mixture in the blender until it is smooth. The guests are going to gulp down this drink quickly.    

2.Sparkling apple cider in wine bottles, which you can pour into disposable plastic wine glasses and let the guests decorate the glasses with beads, sequins, glitters, etc. before pouring.   

3.Hot Chocolate if it is a little chilly weather 

7. Ideas for Party Treats:


2.Cotton Candy

3.Assorted Dessert

4.You can also make the star cookies and write the name of each celebrity on the star. Then you can take any Star Cookie and place it next to your Place Card or everyone's party favor goodie bags.

5.Chocolate-covered fruit where you can melt chocolate chips in a microwave mug and stir, then let the guests dip and then dry on wax paper. This activity is great with Fruits such as strawberries, bananas, dried apricots.

6.Red treats like cherries,cranberries, and strawberries

7.Golden candy or butterscotch 

8.Caramel popcorn