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21 Ideas For Creative Corporate Event Entertainment


1. Place the attendees in the middle

There could be entertainment opportunities,just waiting to be found in the daily framework of your case. One way toconduct a traditional Q&A session is to introduce a Catchbox. This portablemic adds energy and intrigue to Q&A sessions. Instead of carrying the micaround, the crowd gets to connect and toss the microphone around the livingroom of the workshop; this is a perfect and easy way to improve the interactionof the event. This is a creativecorporate event idea that is known to be very engaging and is usually likedby the attendees.

2.Escape Room

The escape rooms are all in rage right now.Why don't you exploit this pattern and add it to your entertainment events?We've seen that happen in events like Comic-Con with massive success. You can change the layout of the escape room to suit the theme of your event or case.An escape room will offer people with an engaging platform to work together as a team.

3.Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality to fully immerse visitors is a perfect way to keep visitors entertained. You can also use this form of entertainment to participate in training sessions that encourage attendees to have hands-on training sessions that they would otherwise nothave been able to experience. In reality, many law enforcement departments useinitiatives like Virtra to help officers get hands-on experience in variousscenarios before they hit the field. Although you might not be conducting apolice training drill, this example points to the future impact of AR and VR atevents.

4.Augmented Reality

We'veall seen Pokémon Go's huge popularity; people enjoy bringing imagination intotheir real world. Take your motivation from the concept! Using AR to develop ascavenger hunt for various things creates fun and a degree of dedication thatyou won't have to sit down with the attendees. ARVR Tech develops customvirtual reality systems for activities ranging from scavenger hunting totraining scenarios.

5.Puppy Play Pen Game

I fit comes to finding entertainment ideas for business events and discover a creative way to alleviate stress, the solution can be a man's best friend. Puppy play is coming on as a perfect way to involve the attendee.

6.Artists in Visual Art

Bringing a live performer to your event can be an unforgettable touch. Based on the type of company party you are hosting,this may require the supply of caricatures, drawings, and silhouettes to the guests. Unlike other suggestions on this list, having a visual artist doesn't have to smash the savings account, but it can.

7. Impersonators of Fame

Celebrity impersonators are a fun feature that can be applied to just about any form of corporate event, from dinner to a mass conference. It works well when combined with a theme or event venue. For example, if you're hosting an event in Vegas with famous impersonators like Elvis and the Rat Pack, it's a natural match.

8.Live Band

Although this concept is nothing new, live bands are a tried-and-tested source of corporate entertainment. Major stars could bring attention. Yet it's easy to find good entertainment that doesn't split the budget. Find local artists or even your attendees.

9.The IT Bots

This is an unexpected entertainment concept for your corporate case. Picture robots are taking over your smoke and light case! It'll be a really special addition to the regular dance group, gala, or function before the main keynote speaker to help boost the crowd!

10.Mixology Class

For a team bonding experience that is sure to entertain, try a mixology class. The guests must learn how to mix and sample their favorite drinks along the way! It would be perfectly combined with a happy hour in which the guests could network and mingle. 

11.Circus Magic

Circus elements can be applied to the show during a celebration or a greeting night. Still, they can also be connected to the actual event itself.


Pleasuring your guest in a safari may not entail as much traveling as you think. For example, if you're hosting the event in Florida, then Walt Disney Animal Kingdom is a great place to get in touch with nature. A safari of animals can also be achieved with the aid of near by zoos or animal trainers. A more realistic version of this may include bringing animals to your event to communicate with your guests.

13.Karaoke Live Band

We've all done karaoke, so what about alive band? This entertainment should encourage people to throwback and have a lot of fun. Enable your guests to have a rock star experience on the stage while their friends encourage them on. Social Marketing World frequently hosts live karaoke bands on their closing night of the year. 

14.Host a Roast

Most workers would love to see their manager, CEO, etc. roasted and even participate in it. It is very fun to loosen up a corporate gathering. A roast may be added to a party or held by itself.Only make sure everybody is on an agreement beforehand, or maybe you'll end up with an awkward night.

15.The Contest

Friendly rivalry will liven up every corporate case. Relay runs, scavenger hunts, photo contests, and trivia are all choices for a little fun. That way, you will promote participation and get people to play and make sure that the prize at the end is worth the effort.

16.Incorporate your local style

Remember the venue of your case while organizing your corporate entertainment function. When are you going to add the place to your entertainment? Incorporating local flavor might be entertainers such as luau performers, mariachi bands, or if your event is in New Orleans,for example, you might take part in a swamp tour. Giving the guests a taste of local culture is a friendly and informative way to have fun.


Photo booths can be an infinite source of entertainment and a perfect way to recall your case. There are many options when selecting a photo booth from a traditional booth, slow-moving photo booths, and even 3d printing photo booths.

18.Atmospheric Entertainment

Not all entertainment has to avoid the programming being implemented. You must also have tiny entertaining pieces strategically positioned in your case. Think of things like a cocktail pianist,a portrait artist in the nook, a mime walking through your case, a cocktail waiter who's also a circus performer.

19.Drone Displays

It won't work with every budget and every event, but it's sure to make a mark if you can pull it off. Drone shows are becoming very popular. Only make sure you talk to the event management company and find out if it's going to work with the needs.


Picture the holograms of individuals or characters emerging at the next corporate function. Hologram technology is expensive and slow, but it's not going to be overlooked if you can take it away from your attendees.

21.Cooking Class

Bring a chef and have a cooking class on location. Have the groups sign up for an entertainment break on their schedules. They will take their new skills at home. It is also a perfect way to create a team and encourage creativity.