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For a quicker response, please call us at (510)-779-2260

Entertainer of the Year

Kiesha Wright as Tina Turner is presented the NCEM award for her excellent performance a Tribute to Tina Turner. 

Kiesha Wright ©


Kiesha performed at the famous Empress Theater with her Tribute to Tina Turner she moves, she grooves like Tina Turner, Keisha was taught and learned her moves by the real Tina Turner herself. Look for her on her upcoming shows coming to your Theater soon.

Write up from the post newspaper Kiesha Wright at the Empress Theater

Kiesha Wright ©
Kiesha Wright ©

Tina Turner Goldstar

Kiesha Wright ©


Take you higher

Celebrity look-alike Kiesha wright as Tina Turner will take you to the old Tina Turner and the New Tina Turner days. Get down with the incredible and one of the hardest working women in Show Biz Today. As a celebrity look-alike with her tribute show yesterday and today's performance as a Tina Turner impersonator.

Songs & Titles

• Simply the Best
• Let's stay together
• Better be good to me
• I'm your private dancer
• Ride mighty Glory
• Take you higher,
• Nutbush City Limit,
• Get back,
Sweet sold Music
Get by with a little help from my Friend
What's Love got to do with it.

Kiesha Wright ©


Kiesha Wright performs at Terrible Casino with her Brazilian girls dancers with a little tease and excitement and with a little Brazilian and Cleo taste and dance moves with the phenomenal Kiesha Tribute Show, the girls backed it up with a hop performance along with Kiesha and her Tribute to Tina Turner.  

Kiesha Wright ©


Kiesha performed at the famous Bal Theater in San Leandro, California with her Tribute to Tina Turner she moves, she groves, like Tina Turner, Kiesha Wright was taught and learned her moves by the real Tina Turner herself. 

Look for her on her upcoming shows coming to your Theater soon.

Kiesha Wright ©


Kiesha steps it up a action with a little routine like Tina Turner takes a look.


Kiesha Wright and her dancers from the Bal Theater turning up the stage with Proud Mary

From London, England

Kiesha Wright Poses with her fans at a Corporate Event, a $500 plate Gala. 

Kiesha Wright ©

Somarts Event Gala

Gala Dinner

Posing with the guys Kiesha Wright as Tina Turner. 

Kiesha Wright ©

Smashing SomArt Event

Kiesha Wright stands with two members of the SomArt Event happy with their beautiful smile from her event. 

Kiesha Wright ©

Photos with overseas fans

Kiesha Wright takes photos with overseas friends and agents, who enjoyed her performance.

Kiesha Wright ©

Ikette & Tina Turner

Kiesha Wright was with Ikette and Tina Turner only for a short time 4 Month that is.

She was able to keep her shoes, dress, and check. Take a look at the video she loves Tina Turner so Much for teaching how to be a performer.

The last Ikette with Ike & TIna

Kiesha Wright was dancing at 7 years old on her mom's kitchen table to every type of music she heard, she would be the only little girl in church that would shout out a song in her voice. That led her to pursue music with the help of mama and one day on TV, she saw Tina Turner and knew she would love to do that one day as a Tribute Show and thought to herself "what a voice and what Great legs she had her name was- Tina Turner."

KIESHA AS TINA TURNER (photo on the left is on performances, photo on the right is on theatre)

Kiesha Wright Hong Kong Performance

Kiesha performance for the ladies and gentlemen at the Hotel Hong Kong Event her Tribute Show.

Kiesha Wright ©

The Blues Brothers and Kiesha Wright at the Empress Theatre

The Blues Brother and Kiesha  Wright as tina turner at the empress theatre (photo can be found on theatre page)

TINA TURNER (Kiesha Wright) will take you to a higher level in her Tribute to Tina with her sound alike and look alike, hot legs,  impersonation, best performance like the  Rock and roll queen Tina Turner.